Infant Program - Kids Grow Preschool
July 22, 2016

Infant Program

This is an amazing time in your child’s life. Every day brings a new change – a smile, a fuss, a smooch, a new tooth. At Kids Grow Preschool, we understand you and your baby’s world. We attend to your infant’s every need and we listen carefully to you – the parent – so that your needs are met as well. It’s an anxious time. We know how it feels to leave your baby in someone else’s hands. Trust Kids Grow Preschool to keep you informed and connected.

Nothing is more important than meeting an infant’s “on demand” schedule. Our nurturing caregivers weave a learning curriculum (yes, even babies can learn!) into an infant’s individual need to sleep, eat and to just be held. As your baby starts walking, climbing and exploring, we vary their activities to stimulate and nurture their young minds and bodies.

Every interaction is another opportunity for your infant to learn and develop. We maintain a stimulating environment in the infant room, but there’s also quiet time and naptime. The schedule is determined by your child, not by us. Since an infant’s day is “on demand,” there’s no such thing as a typical day. Our curriculum addresses an infant’s growth and development by creating strong bonds, learning through play and also by stimulating their five senses through ordinary interaction throughout the day. For example:

  • “Touch” and large motor skills could be enhanced by rolling a ball back or finger-painting with yogurt and playing with items such as cooked spaghetti.
  • “Sight” could be stimulated by primary-colored pictures presented at eye level to enhance their ability to focus and touch.
  • “Hearing” can be stimulated through the soothing music played in the room and the Musical Beginnings program, but as well as through story time and the continuous naming of objects in the room.
  • “Taste” and “Smell” can be stimulated during meal-times as infants get older.

As your infant grows, their educators introduce a theme-based curriculum. Some activities for a “Farm Animals” theme would be:

  • Song of the week: “Old MacDonald”
  • Books for the week: Barnyard Dance or Down on the Farm
  • Plush toys: a plush pig, a comfy cow, or a fluffy duck
  • Auditory and visual games: making animal sounds or role-playing different animals – like cows say, “mooooo,” and dogs say, “woof!”
  • Sensory exploration: “soft” demonstrated through cotton balls and “baaing” like a sheep.

Each week, we cover every area of development by introducing appropriate activities that address each infant’s individual needs. As an infant matures, their schedule tends to become more structured and organized. Nurturing caregivers integrate activity plans into the child’s needs to sleep, eat and to just be held.

Our FROGSTREET Early Childhood Education Curriculum starts early and guides our programs through age 5. At the heart of our FROGSTREET programs are developmental milestones based on a series of crucial learning domains. Each of these domains is equally important in a child’s progression, addressing not only the early childhood education, but also their overall early childhood development.

Exploration is key for infants as they are striving to make sense of the world around them. Our infant rooms are the perfect environments for little ones to discover their bodily powers as they learn to move, pull up, roll over and eventually crawl. The mobile infant who is starting to crawl depends on a sense of security as a base for strong interest in exploration. The infant room at Kids Grow Preschool is big, bright and cheery, with cribs on one end and a carpeted area for play and exploration at the other.

As the parent of an infant, you’ll want to know what’s going on every minute of every day. We know. Kids Grow Preschool makes it a priority to keep parents connected and informed through these programs. It’s important to closely follow their progress and know what’s happening during their day. Here’s how we make it easy for you:

  • Life Cubby eCommunication App – Receive reminders, notifications of your child’s achievements, photos, video clips, a food & potty schedule and more in your daily report.
  • Peek-of-the-Week Online – Stay a step ahead of your child’s events and activities

Meal Plan – When your child’s ready for solid foods, we’ll give you options to choose from. This way we can make sure we appeal to even the most finicky eaters, and you can be sure your child is eating happily and healthy.

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