1’s Program - Kids Grow Preschool

Toddlers are all about speed. They’re learning to walk, sing, talk and run all at once. Children ages 18 months up to three years of age develop faster than almost any other age group, and in their minds, the world is changing by the minute. Kids Grow Preschool Toddler Program is designed to make the most of every one of their fast-paced milestones.

Our curriculum specifically addresses toddlers’ rapid growth and development. We carefully monitor their interests or what we call “readiness cues.” Then, when they display interest or signs of emerging skills, we can encourage them to move to the next challenge.

Play is the main feature of Kids Grow Preschools FROGSTREET Early Childhood Education Curriculum. But behind all the fun and games, you’ll find:

  • Lesson plans addressing developmental areas: sensory & perception, language & communication, personal & social, creativity & arts and physical & cognitive.
  • Enrichment programs such as Sign Language, Spanish language and Reading & Writing Readiness.

Our teachers are masters of finding exciting ways to encourage your child’s development through play. For example, when focusing on a “Crawl & Fly” theme, the song of the week could be “Pretty Butterfly” and our book could be The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Kids Grow Preschool Educators create a nurturing Circle of Care around your active toddler directing him or her to play safely and to also learn what is appropriate behavior in social situations – a key area of development for this active age group.

Here, children are constantly stimulated to be creative and curious. They learn because they want to know more! We accomplish this in our early education programs by focusing entirely on a child’s individual needs. We learn your child’s strengths and build on them with stimulating activities and lots of positive reinforcement.

Our toddler classrooms feature center-based learning environments like the Transportation Center, Building Center and Reading Center. Your little one can move from center to center as they explore, discover and expand their interests. Each learning area is filled with fun and age-appropriate puzzles, manipulatives, games and toys. Center-play also gives toddlers much-needed group experience.

As the parent of a toddler who’s developing nonstop, it’s important to closely follow their progress and know what’s happening during their day. Here’s how we make it easy for you:

  • Life Cubby Parent eCommunication App – Receive reminders, notifications of your child’s achievements, photos, video clips and more.
  • Daily Report – Sent through Life Cubby, you’ll know how your little one’s day went – start to finish
  • Peek-of-the-Week – Stay a step ahead of your child’s events and activities

Meal Plan – Pack a lunch or let us provide it, it’s up to you. And don’t worry, there are plenty of options for you to select from.